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Fair American

The Fair American was a 14/16 gun privateer brig ca. 1780. The model is based on models in the Lightly and Rogers collections at the USNA museum.

Fair American model

The model is a craftsman style plank on frame (POF) kit designed by Bob Hunt adapted from plans by Clayton Feldman, MD. The resulting model as such is somewhat stylized and “does not represent historically correct details”, however, does result in a very pleasing representation. The finished model is 19” long, 6” wide and 6” high without any masts or bowsprit.

A Craftsman Style Kit! 

Our Fair American kit represents a new age in kit design and production.  Unlike other model ship kits on the market today, our Fair American kit is a true Craftsman style kit.  This means that each kit is hand crafted, not mass produced.  We use the latest in computer technology to produce each kit.  The model was designed using CAD, computer aided design.  Those same CAD drawings are then used by our CNC milling machines to cut each part in the kit.  With CNC milling, there are no burned edges and the milling process produces cut edges that are perpendicular to the surface of the wood. 

True Plank on Frame

The Fair American kit features true plank on frame construction.  Each frame is built up, futtock by futtock in a sistered frame fashion.  And to ensure proper alignment and ease of construction, your Fair American kit comes with a Hahn style building jig, also CNC milled.  The jig features a special keel clamp which holds the keel at the proper height and centered over the framing area.

The kit has been designed to be displayed in the “admiralty style”.  This means that the framework on the hull and decks is left open to reveal the structure and joinery of construction.  However, for those interested, we include masting and rigging drawings as well as a full parts list showing dimensions of all rigging lines and blocks.

All wood for the kit is supplied to us by Jeff Hayes at Hobby Mill.

The kit includes:
  • 25 billets of cherry, walnut and aspen 
  • 13 sheets of plans, including two sheets of rigging plans. 
  • All necessary strip wood in cherry, walnut, basswood, aspen and pine. Each type/size of strip wood is individually packaged and clearly labeled eliminating the necessity to separate and measure strips from the usual commingled bundle. 
  • 3 billets of pressboard for the building jig which is also CNC milled and easy to assemble. 
  • 2 sheets of photo etched parts (Name, decorative “carvings”, chainplates, etc.) 
  • Miscellaneous parts (belaying pins, deadeyes, blocks, etc.) 
  • 1 CD of instructions (about 200 or so pages) and 3 CDs of additional construction photographs.

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